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Wife, Mother, Grandmother, & God's Servant 


About Emily J Coopwood

Emily's Story

Emily Janet (Robinson) Coopwood was born in 1931 in Gary, Indiana, where her remarkable life story begins. After enduring many of life's trials, Emily would like to share her story with you and how Jesus Christ, her best friend, has brought her through nine decades.

Emily’s life summary:

  • Daughter of one of the 1st female entrepreneurs and the 1st female taxi driver in Gary, Indiana

  • Wife of a Civil Rights Activist, WWII & Korean War Veteran, and Heavyweight Boxer

  • Sister to the 1st Black Female woman-owned Christian Bookstore in Gary, Indiana “The Jesus Shoppe.”

Through Emily’s eyes, experience a timeless story and relive America's history one page turn at a time with “Emily’s Story”.

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Emily's Legacy (Children)

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