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Emily's Story
What Should I Say or How Should I Say It?

I chose to write this book because as I look back over my life, I often wonder why God took a girl of no reputation or knowledge about life and placed her into the hands of a man who thought he had all knowledge and experience for handling his life. He had the ability to manipulate others to fill the deep void in his own life even though he was unaware of it. In the midst of this union between two people of vastly different backgrounds, came the birth of six children. The storms, at times, were fierce and left footprints in the soil of our beings. Yet God orchestrated our lives according to His plan and purpose for each of us. As we journeyed forward, God allowed the grass to gradually grow and cover up the soil causing the footprints to slowly fade. He gradually stripped away those things that held our heart, mind, and spirits captive. Reflecting back, I thank God for bringing me through to this age in my life. Because I can truly see and embrace the reality of His Truth.

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